Prime £10.99m2

Our beautiful Prime 11mm underlay is another fantastic underlay option bought to you by London Carpet Solutions! It gives superb levels of comfort underfoot as well as recovery properties such as from furniture or tables. Our Prime 11mm thick underlay has a printed stitch paper topping and a white non-woven fabric underside. It's also great for great Sound absorption and Thermal insulation. It's also boasts antimicrobial technology to protect against fungi and bacteria. Made From Quality Materials Comfort Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tog Value: 2.9 Recommended For Heavy Use Wear Guarantee: 5 Years, From The Initial Installation When Used In Recommend Areas. Suitability Areas: Lounge, Dining Room, Bedroom, Conservatory & Stairs Eco Friendly Made From Recycled Materials Sound Transmission -42db Total Thickness: 11mm