Artifical Grass

For gardens, lawns, landscaping, balconies, terraces ... an alternative to natural grass. London Carpet Solutions has a range of fantastic products to meet the requirements of today’s heavy demands. Time has become an important commodity, and spending time on gardening is sometimes difficult. Artificial landscape surfaces provide an always green, just cut appearance that is a boon to any landscape environment. The benefits are: virtually maintenance free, lush, natural looking, time saving, all year round use, and no requirement to water or mow. No More Dirt - Artificial grass will ensure perfectly clean shoes every time you enter your home/office. Easy to Clean - Just place the artificial lawn mat under running water and after dry, Then the turf doormat will be ready to use again as a new one. Multi Purpose - The artificial grass is great for patio, house decoration, garden, kindergarten, roof, balcony, swimming pool, entryway and pet dog area , etc Pre Punched for Drainage - Our artificial grass is water resistant latex backing with drainage holes, with good drainage. The artificial lawn is ideal for Gardens, Terraces, Landscapes etc. Give Your Garden the WOW Factor!