The Brintons Story

Brintons are one of the world’s leading carpet manufacturers, who’ve been making beautiful woven Axminster and Wilton wool-rich carpets and rugs since 1783. Founded by William Brinton in the textiles manufacturing town of Kidderminster, they opened their first spun yarn factory in 1820, and patented the Axminster loom in 1890. Today, they have many factories all over the world and they’re the largest consumer of British wool – the fleece from 1 in 9 sheep is used in a Brintons carpet.

Brintons pioneered their innovative 80% wool/20% nylon yarn blend for carpets in 1950, harnessing the exceptional properties of these materials to create a soft yet strong carpet. The yarn is specially engineered to ensure it has strength, texture, and dye absorption to produce their famous high-quality patterned Axminster carpets. The Britons historical pattern library dates back to the late 18th century and is one of the largest design archives in the industry – and in the world. It features thousands of original hand-painted patterns including Baroque and Art Deco styles, as well as many contemporary designs. Brintons have supplied carpets to the most exclusive commercial and residential properties, most notably Buckingham Palace and other Royal households, for which it received the Royal Warrant in 1958. So, if you’re looking for a carpet that’s got the royal seal of approval, it’s got to be Brintons.