Explore London Carpet Solutions fantastic range of vinyl flooring. Whether you want to completely overhaul the kitchen or simply spruce up the bathroom, vinyl flooring is a practical, durable and stylish addition to any room in your house. Better yet, vinyl flooring is extremely easy to maintain - ideal for when the kids make a mess or there’s any accidental spillages! Indeed, its hard wearing nature makes vinyl flooring, also sometimes wrongly known as lino flooring, the perfect option for your home or business. It withstands the daily demands of family life and high footfall areas without compromising on style. Vinyl flooring is different from lino and is widely considered to be a much more modern and better alternative. We certainly think so! The way sheet vinyl flooring is made ensures it is more hard wearing, and also opens it up to many more colours, finishes and textures. Cushioned vinyl flooring feels nice under your feet whether it's in a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, or even a living room! A cushioned floor is also quieter under foot and they all work well with underfloor heating. Finally, as our vinyl flooring is made and cut from roll, it's a cost-effective flooring solution. If you've decided that vinyl flooring is the right choice for your home (and why wouldn't you?!), don't hesitate to get in contact with us.