It’s out with the old floor and in with the new! We can arrange for the hard work to be taken care of.

Getting rid of your old flooring might seem like an easy DIY task, but it’s one of those jobs that can be more hassle than it’s worth. At London Carpet Solutions, our recommended fitting partners offer a range of services that make buying carpet or smooth flooring a pleasure from start to finish, and one of the most popular is the Uplift and Removal service.

What’s included in the Uplift & Removal service?

Before your beautiful new flooring can go down, the old flooring must come up. Removing old flooring is a messy job, and there’s also the old accessories to get rid of, such as underlay, grippers, and carpet tacks. Once they’ve been removed, the subfloor beneath needs to be inspected to see if any work needs doing. Finally, the subfloor needs to be swept and vacuumed so it’s free from dust and dirt, ready for the new flooring to be installed. Our trusted fitting partners will also remove and dispose of your old flooring in a safe and sensible manner. All of this is included in our Uplift and Removal service, so you can sit back and relax.

How long does it take to remove old flooring?

The time it takes to remove your old floor depends on what type of flooring it is and how it’s been fitted. Carpet is very quick to remove, maybe even less than 10 minutes for an average-sized room, so this will normally take place on the day of fitting. Vinyl flooring that’s only stuck down at the edges can also be ripped up within minutes. Smooth flooring like LVT or laminate needs to be removed plank by plank so therefore takes a bit longer, and depends on other variables. All of this can be assessed by a London carpet Solutions home consultant when they visit.

How much does it cost?

To uplift and dispose of your old flooring is only £6.20 per square metre – and we think you’ll agree that’s a small price to pay for hassle-free installation! Choose this additional service when ordering your new flooring and we’ll include it in your quote. Don’t panic if your new flooring is due to be fitted and you’d planned to remove the old one yourself but have changed your mind, we will come to the rescue! Just give us a call as soon as you can and they’ll arrange for our Uplift & Removal service to be added on.